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Month: June 2019

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Germs that you can find in your house

Sarm, e-coli, norovirus. These are some of the germs that you can find in your house

Although not all bacteria are bad, some are bad and can also cause infections.

Germs can be spread from surfaces or animals to humans or more commonly from skin-to-skin contact. To get rid of them, we must clean and disinfect our homes regularly and consciously.

The most common germs in homes are:


MRSA is a Staphylococcus aureus that is resistant to antibiotics, making it difficult to treat when it contracts.

How to fight it:

The best way to treat it is with bleach diluted in water. In a proportion of 1 part of bleach and 9 of water is sufficient for disinfection.

Keep in mind that bleach becomes less effective the longer it stays open. You should buy a new bottle after an open month.

It spreads through contact, therefore, it is important to disinfect common areas and shared objects, such as door handles, light switches and remote controls. Clean these areas once a week with disinfectant.

Be aware of your furry friends because they can also transmit staph bacteria! Disinfect pet toys frequently and make sure to wear gloves. Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning.

The symptoms of MRSA include:

Red swellings with pus, fever, pain and discomfort, sensitivity in the affected area.

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