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Month: November 2019

Real or artificial Christmas Tree

Real or artificial Christmas tree

We have finally reached the last weekend of December. It is possible that you dedicate this weekend to buy the Christmas tree and have been wondering for days which one is best for home: if a real or artificial Christmas tree.

From Perlimp we explain you the pros and cons of having a real or artificial tree at home.

Real tree

-If you have a large dining room with enough space, you can opt for a real tree. Years ago, this was the most common in our homes, although little by little the option of artificial trees has been extended.

-A real Christmas tree is ideal if you have a garden and can plant it outside once the Christmas period is over. If not, you can also choose to plant it in a large pot, but for that you have to make sure that the tree has long and strong roots.

-In addition, as every plant absorbs carbon dioxide and helps purify the environment.

It’s prettier than an artificial tree.

-When we buy a real Christmas tree we do not contribute to the deforestation of forests, since they are grown in nurseries. So they don’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Do not throw it away when you want to get rid of it. Take it to a clean point as trees also release methane gases when they decompose.

–You have to take care of it: water it, clean the falling leaves and keep it out of heat sources.

– It is difficult to transport, since it weighs more than an artificial one.

Artificial tree

-An artificial Christmas tree is cheaper than a real tree.

-It is more resistant and doesn’t need care.

Their production contaminates, since they are usually made with petroleum derivatives.

They are not recyclable, so be sure to use it for a minimum of 10 years and once you get rid of it throw it in a clean spot.

It’s not as pretty as a real tree.

-Easy to transport.

Now you decide, which one suits your needs?

In Perlimp we are specialists in gardening services and we can also advise you with your Christmas tree.

Como limpiar el vomito del coche o alfombra

How to clean car or carpet vomit

If you have reached this article, it is probably because you have children and you have already had to clean dirt in the most unexpected places. Here we will explain how to clean the vomit of the car or carpet.

When there are children in the house and it is winter it is very comfortable to use carpets, since they avoid the cold of the floor and are more cozy, but when they get dirty, it is not always easy to clean them and less when we talk about vomit, since in addition it usually leaves a persistent smell and difficult to remove.

Tips for cleaning car or carpet vomit:

-Once the disaster has occurred, get down to work as soon as possible, to prevent the carpet or car from absorbing vomit.

-You should not rub the area, just dry it gently with a sponge.

-Ideally you should protect yourself with a mask and latex gloves.

-Open the windows so that the area is ventilated.

– Get rid of everything you can from solid matter. Throw it into the w.c or plastic bag. If the vomit has dried, vacuum as much as you can and slightly moisten the area to prepare it for the next steps.

Pour baking soda over the entire surface. Let it act, let it dry in lumps and lift the mess from the carpet. There are alternatives to bicarbonate, such as corn starch, salt or carpet deodorant.

– Vacuum the lumps with a carpet.

-Apply a stain remover or enzymatic carpet cleaner. Read the instructions first and do a test in a small area.

– Dry the stain carefully with a damp microfiber cloth.

-Let the carpet air dry overnight. If you can, keep the windows open to speed up the process.

Remove the smell of the carpet:

You may have followed all instructions, but the smell does not disappear… .ok! do not give up!

-Do all of the above, except the last two points.

-If you have a steam cleaner, make sure you can apply it on the carpet, since depending on how it is, the fibers can be damaged. If you can apply the steam on the carpet, the steam will kill all the germs and bacteria, which are what causes the bad smell.

-Apply disinfectant carefully and following the instructions.

-Apply carpet deodorant or prepare water mixed with a few drops of essential oils at home, if they are citrus, better and apply it with a spray.

Alternative cleaning methods:

Clean the vomit with soda

Pour soda directly into the stain to cover it completely. Take a dry cloth and soak the area. What soda does is transfer the carpet stain to the cloth. Repeat as many times as necessary. When you finish rinse it with cold water.

Homemade cleaner


-2 glasses of warm water

-Middle glass of vinegar

-1 tablespoon mild washing machine detergent

-1 tablespoon of salt

-2 tablespoons of alcohol

Mix everything well and add it in a spray diffuser bottle and apply it to the affected area. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and during that time the carpet should eject everything up. Now take a brush and rub the area. Finally, wipe clean until all the residue has disappeared.

Call us

If you can’t get rid of the stain you can always call us. Our team has specific cleaners and the right techniques to do all the dirty work for you.

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