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Clean windows in winter

Clean windows in Winter

We are definitely in winter and at this time of year we usually set aside the cleaning of the windows. It is evidence that light rays in winter are much weaker and we think it is not worth having clean windows.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Having clean windows in winter helps us to:

Keep a good image

We must keep some windows clean to give a good image to our clients if we are in an office, to our guests if we are in a house or in a shop at street level with shop window. The windows of a clean shop window invite potential customers to enter, while a dirty shop window scares customers.

Make workers feel that they matter

The windows also get dirty in winter and summer. So why not clean them in winter? Clean windows guarantee happier workers, as soon as they feel the place where they work is cleaned, they receive more sunlight and spend most of their day in a clean and healthy environment.

Impact on health and happiness

Dirty windows block the sun and can create a bleak environment that contributes to depressive states or anxiety. All humans need vitamin D every day and yet we spend a lot of time indoors. Clean windows let in light and help ensure that people receive the amount of vitamin D needed. Clean windows create a positive environment in which people want to work and prosper.

Prevent rain from deteriorating glass and frames

If we do not regularly clean the windows and even more when it rains, we help the windows to break down. The rain pushes the lime and dirt towards the frames staying for weeks or months and can end up deteriorating it. At the same time, lime embedded in the crystal for weeks or months can also end up spoiling it.

Keep in mind, however, that cleaning the windows with water on a day of extreme cold temperatures may not give optimal results. In that case, at Perlimp, we can reschedule cleaning for another day. Ask us!

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