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How to change a light bulb

Electrical work at home is complicated although there are always certain small tasks that an owner can do without the need of a professional electrician. Changing light bulbs is one of them. Although as easy as it seems it is possible that you get hurt while doing it.

Therefore, we recommend you to follow this fantastic guide to change light bulbs that we have created for you from Perlimp:

Types of light bulbs

To start we have to know the different types of light bulbs

There are a lot of different types of light bulbs. They vary according to size, shape, wattage and even color. We have chosen the most used for this publication:

Incandescent: these are the most used light bulbs in Spain and the world. They oscillate between 40 and 110 watts. It can last up to a year. Its light is usually warm. Depending on the power, the bulb can have a yellowish to white shine. You can also find colored glass options. Incandescent bulbs can be used for all types of lighting, including room lamps and flashlights.

Halogen: halogen bulbs are very similar to incandescent bulbs, with the difference in their lifespan. In general, halogen bulbs have a longer life. They use halogen gas in a system called a halogen cycle that eliminates the evaporation of tungsten and prevents it from sticking to the glass. Halogen bulbs produce a white light similar to daylight around noon, so they are often used for offices, businesses and study rooms.

LED: LED or light emitting diodes are one of the most energy efficient lighting options. They are cold to the touch even when they are illuminated. LED bulbs use less electricity than other options, do not contain mercury and do not emit UV or infrared rays. They can last up to 10 years.

CFL: CFLs, or compact fluorescents, are another type of energy saving light bulbs. They are more affordable than LEDs and last up to 10 years. However, CFL contains mercury, which is dangerous if it breaks. Another drawback is that the CFL can take 30 seconds to light up completely.

How to change a light bulb

There is nothing that bothers more than to return home from work, tired, press the switch of the light and see that it blinks, until finally the room darkens completely. Do not panic …

Change the bulb during the day: if it happens that the bulb has melted when it is at night it illuminates the area well with additional devices: candles, flashlight, etc. This way you will avoid hurting yourself by stepping on a chair, a ladder, etc.

Turn off the power source: if you are changing the bulb of an accessory with a plug, remove it from the outlet. If you are changing the bulb of a wall or ceiling lighting, it would be a good idea to turn off the power just to be sure. By doing this, you will turn off all the lighting in your home, which is another reason to replace the bulb during the day.

It uses a robust ladder: there are bulbs that are ideal. If you have one of those, use it to avoid having to get on a chair or a ladder. If not, make sure to use a sturdy ladder. Ideally, a member of your family will provide additional support just in case.

Remove the bulb from the socket: once you can reach the bulb, touch it lightly to make sure it is not hot. If it is easy to grasp, turn it to the left. Sometimes the base of the bulb stays attached to the socket. If this happens, you will need pliers to remove the screw. Have your assistant hold the old bulb while you screw the new one. Put the new bulb in the cap. Once the socket is empty, place the base of the new bulb in its place and turn it to the right. Once you can not squeeze more, your job is done. Do not squeeze too much, as it could easily break. Now, you can turn on the power supply and try your new bulb.

How to change a tube bulb

Standard bulbs are easy, but what do you do when you have to remove a tube bulb from a fluorescent lamp and put in a new one? Fluorescent lights are generally much stronger than standard ones, but there will come a time when you will have to replace them. This is what you have to do:

Turn off the power: again, when handling any electrical work, even a small task like this, it is better to be safe. Disconnect power from the fuse box and check if any lighting is still working. If not, you are ready for your task. You can also use a voltage tester to verify that there is no power in the device.

Prepare stairs: with fluorescent lamps, you will need a ladder that can take you to the ceiling. Place a ladder under the accessory and make sure you have a companion for additional support.

Remove the fluorescent: turn the tube 90 degrees, while carefully holding both ends with your hands. You can turn it in any direction until it stops and slides out of the accessory. Gently lower the tube and give it to the person below. Be careful, since these tubes tend to rotate when they are not placed in a stable position.

Place the new tube: to install the new fluorescent light, align its ends with the slots in any of the sockets. Once they are in place, turn it 90 degrees until it snaps into place. When you let go, you should stay there firmly. You can give a gentle pull to the tube to test it.

Try the new fluorescent: turn the power back on and turn on the fluorescent lamp. Some models need a minute to reach full brightness. If the new bulb does not work either, you may have a malfunction of the device, so you will need the help of a professional electrician.

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