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Hygiene at work

The office is the place where we spend more hours throughout the day, so our well-being and comfort at work is essential for our satisfaction and our state of mind.

Cleaning in the office is an aspect that is usually taken into account for reasons of hygiene and in many cases of health, to avoid problems of allergies or spread of viruses. However, hygiene in our workplace can also affect other aspects related to productivity and motivation at work.

In this sense, every company must commit to having its facilities have an adequate cleaning service, but above all, a proper maintenance of such cleaning.

In fact, cleaning is the most important criterion for workers when assessing their work space; followed by lighting, noise and space. Many workers admit that the lack of cleanliness in their offices negatively affects their performance but also their well-being, their mood and their health.

This shows that office cleanliness is essential for job performance but to what extent does the lack of hygiene affect the company?

1. Lack of cleanliness in the office: lower productivity
It is evident that a clean, pleasant and fresh environment invites to work with greater comfort, while spaces with dirt, messy and without proper hygiene conditions cause discomfort and distract workers. Therefore carry out an adequate cleaning in the office will be essential to multiply the productivity of our workers.

2. Bad cover letter to customers
If the office is in poor hygiene, customers who visit you receive a bad impression that makes them think that there is a lack of professionalism and responsibility at work, which can hinder your business relationships with them.

3. Care for the health of workers
Dust that accumulates in an office can cause infections or allergies, so keeping the office clean helps create a healthy environment and also reduce absenteeism at work due to illnesses like the flu. Developing an adequate cleaning plan in the office will at the same time take care of the employees’ health while they are working, an element that is also the responsibility of the company.

4. Health of visitors
It is unpleasant for a client with allergies to begin to sneeze when he enters the office as it will make it obvious to him that there is dust on the premises. This is easily avoided by carrying out an adequate higene in the workplace. It will also allow you to increase the comfort of your guests when they pay you a visit.

5. Hygiene at work translates into long-term savings
The accumulation of dust can damage electronic equipment and work tools, so a correct maintenance will lengthen its useful life and allow you to save money in the long term

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