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Solar panel cleaning

We are in the middle of August, the sunniest time of the year, so those of us who have solar panels are in luck.

If you still haven’t cleaned them as you should, you’re still on time. Clean solar panels absorb more light than dirty ones.

In professional cleaning, the safest and most efficient way to clean them is through water-powered posts. This involves pumping pure pressurized water through an extendable pole and using a special brush at the end to gently rub the panels.

As the system uses pure water (which is filtered to remove impurities), there is no need for chemicals, which means there is no risk of damaging the panels. The technique of the water-powered pole also means that we can easily clean large solar panels: the pole is extensible and reaches up to seven floors.

In offices and companies, having panels reduces energy expenditure and minimizes the impact on the environment, thus reinforcing the brand image and social responsibility towards customers.

However, once you have done the installation they will need maintenance and cleaning that an external company will have to do.

Why it is essential to take care of solar panels

Solar panels are an innovative technology and have the potential to have a great impact on your business. Taking care of this investment is key, especially when it comes to cleaning. Ensuring that the solar panels are clean will help offer optimum performance at all times, as well as contributing to the overall aesthetics of the building.

Specialized cleaning for solar panels will not only provide a beautiful finish but also prevent any damage to solar panels during the process. Regular cleaning provides peace of mind and helps ensure that the company takes full advantage of its green investment.

What does cleaning solar panels imply?

Working with a specialized cleaning service means that wherever the solar panels are located, they can be cleaned quickly and easily.mWater-fed posts tend to be the most effective option for cleaning.

Water-powered posts work by using pressurized water, instead of chemicals. Water is pumped through the poles, which creates a powerful jet of water that can be used to clean surfaces such as solar panels. The end result is an incredible cleaning, even up close.

Specialized cleaners understand the complexities of cleaning this type of technology and have the experience to do an exceptional job. A professional cleaning team will also have all the necessary documentation, such as health and safety guidelines to ensure that your experience with them is positive and protected.

At Perlimp we also recognize that companies that invest in solar panels value solid ecological credentials and ecological working methods.

We are an environmentally conscious company and we always seek to offer the most sustainable solutions to our customers. We have worked to design cleaning solutions that support our specialized experience so that we can offer an attractive package to green companies with solar panels.

The specialized cleaning of solar panels is essential for any company that makes this type of investment: contact us to know how we can help you protect yours.

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